Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke (Reserva Federal)

Español: Ron Paul dandole una clase de economía básica al presidente de la Reserva Federal. Bernanke nunca pensó que en el Congreso lo iban a confrontar con la realidad de los hechos. (Audiencia de fines del 2007). Al final no le quedaron muchos argumentos a Ben.
English: Ron Paul lecturing the FED´s president on basic economics. Bernanke never imagined someone was going to confront him with the real facts in the midst of the Congress (End of 2007 Audience). At the end Ben was out of arguments.

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4 Responses to “Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke (Reserva Federal)”

  1. ¿Es idea mia o Bernanke al final estuvo a punto de largarse a llorar? Lo aplastó el diputado este! ¿De donde saliò?

  2. The idiot at the end giggled, that is so sad because when the money is devalued, it makes us poorer, even if we are buying US goods…

  3. RonPaulSpanish.comNo Gravatar 4 junio 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Hey Fred, no worries man, Ben explains it all… if you have your wealth in dollars and you are a typical american that buys goods with those devalued dollars, the the ONLY impact it´ll have on you is that the IMPORTED goods are gonna be more expensive… inflation only afects IMPORTED goods (so the law of supply and demand doesn´t apply to US goods)… See the logic? there´s almost no trouble man! And this guy Ron Paul thought there was a problem…

  4. Mentalpol1984No Gravatar 14 marzo 2010 at 3:40 PM

    Bernanke KO! You are out!
    Bernanke o sabe lo que hace y se beneficia en la burocracia o burrocracia o es un ignorante.

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